For Pope Francis, Words Speak Louder than Actions on Sex Abuse Cover Up

After commending US bishops for their courage in dealing with the scandal of child sexual abuse by priests, Pope Francis finally spent a portion of his last day in the US meeting with the victims of sexual abuse. “God weeps” at the sexual abuse of children, he said, in a translation from Spanish of his […]

Father Tom Doyle Speaks with Pope’s Commission on Sex Abuse

In a scene reminiscent of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Dominican Father Thomas Doyle recently spoke before the Pontifical Commission on Sex Abuse. Thomas Doyle is famous – or infamous, depending on your point of view – in exposing the Catholic priest sexual abuse crisis in this country and around the world. That he was […]

Oregon Child Trafficking Bills Die in State Senate

Oregon Senate Republicans recently sponsored two bills, SB 513 and SB 816, which would have strengthened state laws against child trafficking. Among other things, the bills proposed to raise the age a “child” covered by the “child trafficking” laws from 15 to 18, added advertising to the activities included in the scope of “child trafficking,” […]

Pastor Michael Sperou Goes to Trial on Child Sex Abuse Charges

As Michael Sperou gets set for trial on criminal charges that he sexually abused a kindergarten-age girl in the mid-1990s, the jury will hear testimony from six other women who claim they were also sexually abused by Sperou. While the six women will provide testimony of sexual abuse, they are not able to seek justice […]

Judge Rules in Favor of Billionaire Pedophile: But the Victory is a Technicality

A federal court judge in Florida denied the motion of two women to join the civil case against Florida billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. However, both women will be allowed to testify in the trial, and their testimony is what counts, not their status as parties. The case concerns the application of the federal Crime Victims’ Rights […]

Pennsylvania State Legislator Introduces Bill Expanding SOL for Sex Abuse Victims

Pennsylvania State Senator Rob Teplitz has introduced a bill that would place civil claims of sexual abuse on par with criminal charges of sexual abuse. Presently, Pennsylvania law allows victims of child sexual abuse to bring criminal charges against their abusers until they reach age 50. In civil matters, those same victims have only until […]

President of Oregon State Apologizes to Sexual Assault Victim Brenda Tracy

It took 16 years, but the current President of Oregon State has issued an apology to Brenda Tracy who reported being a sexual assault by four men, two of whom were Oregon State football players at the time. Revising the Statute of Limitations Regarding Sexual Assault In part, President Edward J. Ray, wrote: OSU cannot […]

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