Teens Sexting, Sharing Nude Photos a Sign of the Times That Could Lead to Criminal Charges

I was recently interviewed by KGW News, a Portland, Oregon NBC affiliate on the uptick in teen sexting and nude photo sharing. It’s a problem that is prevalent with seemingly little thought on the part of those participating in these behaviors as to the consequences of their behavior. As a sexual abuse survivor advocate and […]

Training Opportunity for Lawyers Helping Sexual Abuse Survivors

The Victim Rights Law Center (VRLC) will be offering a training session for lawyers who want to help sexual abuse survivors.  The training will be held on Monday, June 19th from 5-7 pm at Clackamas Women’s Services in Oregon City, Oregon. As a lawyer who has done pro bono work for the VRLC, I know […]

Those Pesky Women Libs

As part of my job, I spend a bit of time perusing old newspaper articles. The task is always entertaining, but many times downright disappointing. Yesterday, I came across this gem from the LA Times in 1973: “Scout Beauty Contest ‘Hit by the Libs’” See, around 1971, BSA made its Explorer Scout program (for high […]

Boy Scouts Prepare Argument That Sex Abuse Isn’t Their Fault

The Boy Scouts of America are preparing oral arguments to be presented to the Connecticut Supreme Court involving their appeal of a $12 million court verdict in 2014.  Their strategy is remarkably similar to those offered by the Catholic Church and other organizations that allowed the sexual abuse of minors. In the Connecticut case, the […]

Boys Will be Boys

“Boys will be boys.” “Times have changed.” “Kids aren’t as tough as they used to be.” “Suck it up.” “Hazing.” “They’re just bullies.” When a student athlete is raped with a pool cue by teammates, it is not hazing, and it is not bullying. It is rape. It is a crime. And any students and […]

National Labor Relations Board Gives More Power to Employees in Labor Negotiations

In a landmark ruling, the National Labor Relations Board voted on August 27, 2015 to give subcontractors and independent contractors more negotiating power with employers and large corporations. The case concerned a recycling company called Browning-Ferris Industries in Milpitas, California, which used a temporary staffing agency called Leadpoint to source workers. A Teamsters local representative […]

Social Media Responds to Revenge Porn

Critics say it took too long for Twitter and Facebook to respond to the burgeoning response to “revenge porn”-the publication of nude or compromising photos online in order to humiliate, shame or embarrass the subject of the photos. In previous posts, we’ve detailed the nature of revenge porn and the measures a number of states […]

Exploring Potential Legal Remedies for Revenge Porn

Until a few years ago, there were few legal remedies available to a former partner that chose to post nude or suggestive photos or videos of a former boyfriend or girlfriend online, known as “revenge porn.” However, in the last few years that has changed. Most states had no criminal statutes dealing with the issue […]

Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against University of Oregon and Its Men’s Basketball Coach

As the Oregon Ducks football team prepares to meet Ohio State for the national championship of college football, another athletic program at the state school is facing media scrutiny of a different kind. The men’s basketball team is facing a civil lawsuit regarding a sexual assault allegedly involving three former Ducks’ players. One of the […]


Law enforcement officials in Portland and surrounding areas recently began cracking-down on local strip clubs and their managers involved with the sexual prostitution and abuse of young girls. Several people have been criminally charged for their roles in pimping and abusing young girls at local strip clubs. However, in addition to holding the abusers and […]

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