Oregon Chiropractor Charged with Fondling Patient, License Suspended

Mark Machala, an Ashland chiropractor has been charged with a 3rd degree misdemeanor of sexual abuse after fondling a patient’s breasts during a massage treatment. Machala is awaiting trial on the charge which is expected to take place in December.  His license to practice medicine has been suspended by the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners. […]

Oregon Strip Club Raided by FBI

The sex trafficking of minors and strip clubs is back in the news again in Oregon.  This most recent incident involved a law enforcement raid conducted by local law enforcement and the FBI. Police were acting on a tip discovered during an ongoing undercover sting operation of local strip clubs and their employment of underage […]

Teachers Fired for Sex Abuse Often Find Jobs Elsewhere

The Boston Globe’s Spotlight Team has been investigating child sexual abuse at New England private schools since the initial revelation of abuse at elite New England institutions. The Spotlight Team’s investigation revealed that teachers who have been removed from their positions for sexually abusing students often find work as a teacher in other schools. Sometimes […]

Boy Scout Council in New York Failed to Report Sex Abuse to Police

In 2104, the Hudson Valley Council of the Boy Scouts of America knew two adult Scout volunteers had abused two boys, but never reported the cases to police. It looks like the Council violated BSA guidelines for reporting sex abuse, but may not have violated New York’s mandatory reporting laws. According to the BSA website, […]

Methodist Pastor in Oregon Charged with Producing Child Pornography

James Parkhurst, 56, a United Methodist pastor and former national youth camp official for the Methodists appeared in a federal court in Denver to answer criminal charges that he produced 163 child pornography images of five boys taken at national parks in Colorado and across the West and then sent them by U.S. mail to […]

Oregon We Have a Problem

Oregon has a serious problem.  Oregon is not the most densely populated state in the nation.  It’s not even the most populous state on the west coast.  But Oregon has more sex offenders per capita than any other state in the country. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Oregon has 713 […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses Release New Guidelines for Child Abuse Reporting

The Jehovah’s Witnesses issued new guidelines for dealing with reporting child abuse allegations. The new directive, dated August 1, 2016, replaces the previous directive from October 1, 2012. The six-page document is called “Protecting Minors from Abuse” but is clearly intended to protect the church from bad publicity and sexual abuse lawsuits. It provides guidelines […]

U.S. Gymnastic Gold Tarnished by U.S.A.G.s’ Sex Abuse Scandal

The “Final Five” U.S. gymnastic team captured the gold medals in the Rio Olympics this week, proving again that the U.S. has the best women’s gymnastics team in the world. But the glory of the team’s victory has been tainted by recent stories of sex abuse and cover up inside USA Gymnastics, the national governing […]

Article Offers Ideas for CPS Investigators

I recently co-authored an article with Professor Daniel Pollack of Yeshiva University in New York called “Matching the Right CPS Investigator with the Right Investigation.” Professor Pollack is an expert in the field of child safety, a professor of social work, and a law school graduate. I’ve dedicated my legal practice to seeking justice for […]

Wyoming Church Admits Hiring a Sex Offender, Denies Responsibility

Highland Park Community Church, the largest church in Casper, Wyoming, admited it hired James Jaure knowing that he had been convicted of sexually assaulting a child seven years earlier and was still on probation. But when Jaure later molested three girls in the church basement, Highland Park denied any responsibility. The church even failed to […]

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