Mormon Church Leader Subpoenaed to Testify in Sex Abuse Case

Thomas S. Monson, president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has been subpoenaed to give a deposition in the sexual abuse lawsuits filed by four Navajo Indian survivors. The four abuse claimants allege that they were sexually abused decades ago by members of their foster families while participating in an LDS Church […]

Elite New England Boarding School Fumbles Sex Abuse Case

Phillips Exeter Academy, an exclusive private boarding school that boasts a Who’s Who of alumni, has admitted it mishandled a sexual abuse claim made by one of its students last October. The admission came one day after more than 1,000 alumni pledged to withhold donations to the private school until the institution fixes how it […]

The New Sex Abuse Scandal: Doctors and Their Unsuspecting Patients

When it comes to child sex abuse scandals, much of the public’s attention has focused on sexual abuse by priests, teachers, and Boy Scout volunteers.  Sexual abuse by doctors hasn’t been widely discussed. That is about to change. Investigative journalists at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution just published a disturbing series of articles revealing that sexual abuse […]

Church Files Petition to Publicly Identify Child Abuse Victims

In response to a sexual abuse lawsuit, the Westside Family Church has petitioned the court to publicly reveal the names of two victims.  Both girls were younger than 14 years of age at the time of the incidents. The abuse lawsuit against the Baptist church in Lenexa, Kansas involves abuse at a summer Bible study […]

Those Pesky Women Libs

As part of my job, I spend a bit of time perusing old newspaper articles. The task is always entertaining, but many times downright disappointing. Yesterday, I came across this gem from the LA Times in 1973: “Scout Beauty Contest ‘Hit by the Libs’” See, around 1971, BSA made its Explorer Scout program (for high […]

Pennsylvania Senate Guts Pro Sex Abuse Victim Bill

Pennsylvania failed victims of child sexual abuse and caved into pressure from the Catholic Church and insurance companies. Faced with the chance to fully reform the state’s statute of limitations for civil claims, the state Senate balked. By a 9-4 vote, the Judiciary Committee of the Pennsylvania State Senate passed an amendment stripping the provision […]

Catholic Priests in Montreal Banned from Being Alone with Children: More Needed

Montreal priests must now team up around kids. The Catholic Archdiocese of Montreal will ban any priest or church worker from being alone with children. The policy covers anyone “in the orbit of the church” to create a “safety net” for children. The new policy will launch with twelve pilot parishes in September and later […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses Face Sanctions for Withholding Documents in Sex Abuse Case

A San Diego Superior Court judge ordered the Church of Jehovah’s Witnesses, also known as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, to pay $4,000 a day in fines as long as it refuses to produce documents in a sexual abuse case brought by former church member Osbaldo Padron. Padron’s lawyers had asked Judge […]

New York State Fails Abuse Victims — Again

The 2016 New York state legislative session ended with the state Legislature failing, yet again, to reform the state’s ridiculously short statute of limitations for sex abuse claims. This was a victory to child predators and groups like the Catholic Church and Boy Scouts who continue to escape liability for ruining the lives of countless […]

How Safe Are Summer Camps?

It’s time for summer camp! Parks Bureaus, churches, the YMCA, Boy Scouts, private companies, and scores of other groups provide day and overnight camps to kids all summer long. Whether offering general fun or highly specialized instruction, these camps can be great opportunities for kids and a welcome respite for busy parents. But these days, […]

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